Slime Tensei. Taikensha ga Youjo Elf ni Dakishimeraretemasu Chap 12

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Chapter 12 : Slime Slays the Immortal

Thanks to Nikola’s Gussuri-kun No. 2, we were able to neutralize the people already lurking inside the cave. In other words, they couldn’t do anything to those who came later.
Of course, we had checked whether there were any enemies nearby before entering the cave. In the original strategy I had planned to escape after helping Elesia, but it took too long to cancel the magic holding her. There also six people surrounding her, and every one of them is stronger than the Mikohime’s guardian knights. One person has even quit being human and became a follower of an evil god.
「Well, shall i take back the himemiko…? All of you, keep your guard up. beacause we will interve them, we must secure her」(TN : I think this the slime thougt)

While wondering, I glance at Orphe and Nicola. They’re definitely thinking about rushing in to attack.


…That’s good. There’s no way I could forgive them turning such eyes towards my daughters in front of me.

While I was thinking such a thing, Orphe opened her mouth.

「Answer me! You, do you know what is sealed here? You should know that is something beyond humans!」

「Hehe, I know. In this place lies one of the pillars of our evil god faith, it seals Beelzebub of【Gluttony】! This damned seal! I tried to undoit, but I hit a snag… So, some time ago I made a plan. If the seal loosened even a little, the Himemiko would surely come to check it. Then, I could use her power to break the seal.」

So that’s why Elesia came to such a place?

However, rather than accomplishing her goal, it seems it was used against her.

「…Our evil god faith? So you are the Seven Sins Sect after all.」

[Oh, so you knew.]

[If that’s the case, there’s no reason for me to hesitate.]

Without warning, Orphe instantly creates a spear of ice.

The expression she displays is like ice. It’s a coldness that I can’t imagine coming from the usual Orphe with her soft smile. Intense hatred radiates from it.

The ice spear pierced through one of the Seven Sins Sect followers’ chest with such great force it split him in half. Originally a bow is used for this skill, but she can do it even without it, a blow without preliminary action.

Taking advantage of the confusion, she shot another man. Three magicians unite to prevent it, but Orphe doesn’t waver. If one shot isn’t enough, she’ll just create dozens more to release all at once. Furthermore, she releases them continuously like rain. There’s no way they could stop such a thing; the barrier shatters and the men all skewered.

「Fuwawawawa, amazing… It’s incredible, I’ve never seen a magician like you.」

While Orphe killed five of them, only the ringleader is left laughing with his body perforated by numerous ice spears… Except, that’s impossible. Orphe’s ice spears exceed the speed of sound. If the human body were to receive it, it wouldn’t be so simple as to just open up a hole. It would explode.

「Are you… Really human?」

「I am human, but I was chosen by God, hehe. What kind of eyes are you looking at me with? Do you also have a grudge against us? 」

「SHUT UP!!!」

A spear of ice pierces his face.

No matter how you look at it, it’s fatal..

But the man is laughing.

「Oh, an elf. Furthermore, blonde with the [Jade eyes], you must be a survivor of the hateful Protectors of Wind family. How regrettable.」

The man pulls out the ice.
The wound healed.

「Oh, it was such a shame.If that annoying great sage Merlin Enlight wasn’t there, we have freed our god. Huhuu, that reminds me, there was only one survivor. Are you the adopted daughter of that Merlin Enlight? As I thought, this magical power, that magic, ku hihi(cackle), that hateful and detestable man sure loved his daughter. If only he was still alive, we could sacrifice him to our god and have him suffer eternally in hell.. 」

The man walks slowly. While the ice spears still penetrate his body, he doesn’t mind it. Since his wounds regenerate anyway.

I don’t know about that, I’m confident of my strength.
But Orphe’s face shows impatience.

Orphe is best with flames. If she used fire, it may incinerate the man.
However, we are inside a narrow cave.
If she used flame magic powerful enough to incinerate him, it’ll also consume the oxygen and everyone inside.

The man walks purposefully to Orphe.
Nicola takes a single step forward.

「Everyone, block your ears… Stay away from Orphe-neesama!」

Then she pulled the trigger of the mechanical cane.
Huge silver bullets are spilled out, one after another.
It’s not just a bullet, but bullet infused with magical power.
As expected, even if he’s immortal, taking such attack will crush his body. Nikola relaxes in relief.


「Oo, that toy is terrifying to be able to break this body. I’d love to have it, it would be useful to our gods. Dwarf, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll simply brainwash you, and make you keep making those toys forever.」

Meat chunk after meat chunk are pulled back by black threads and coagulate back into a human shape.
Perfect immortality.
Nicola clicks her tongue.

「Nee, Orphe, any ideas?」

「If we go outside, I can try to burn it.」

「It’d be hard to force him outside.」

The man slowly closes in, trying to scare them.
Orphe and Nicola dripped cold sweat.
It can’t be helped, my turn has come.
Pyon pyon, I appear in front of the man with a slime jump.


I will protect my daughters.

「What’s with this pathetic slime?」

This body is just a cute slime. Even if I attack, it’s no different from tickling him.
However, I’m a great sage and a slime capable of infinite evolution.
I can easily do something like killing an immortal.

Skill activation: The skill obtained from the Horned Bambi 【Horn Charge】.
It’s a skill that gathers magical power to propel the body forward at high speed.
However, the power is sadly low. Even if you do such a thing with a soft slime body, it’ll just bounce off the enemy.
However, it is not just a slime body this time.

「Pyupyu (Metal Slime Mode)!」

The legendary metal Orichalcum, one of my forbidden inventions.
When I was the Great Sage Merlin, I made Orichalcum, which had been only a legend.
The material is absorbed into my slime body, staining it with a metallic hue.
Super fast attack with the ultimate hardness. I deform my slime body into the shape of a hammer and increase the striking force even further.
I smash into the man’s pelvis and blow it apart.

「Gugh!!!, What’s with this slime, it’s just a mere slime!」

Don’t think it’ll end with just that.
Frightening those children is a heavy crime.

「Pyu (Horn Charge), Pyu (Horn Charge), Pyu (Horn Charge)」

I corner him with a barrage of tackles.
I circle around while striking him, attacking from all directions and crushing the bones of the man thoroughly.

With a slime’s low magical capacity, magical power will be exhausted every time you use this skill, but there’s plenty of magical power restoration potions stored inside my body.
Since the beginning I’ve been recovering my magical power by stealing it secretly.

「It’s useless no matter how you attack! The protection of god makes this body immortal.」

「Pyuu (Horn Charge)! Pyuu (Horn Charge)! Pyuu (Horn Charge)!」

I observe that it takes time to recover from fractures. Especially, healing crushed bone is visibly slower.

I shatter all the bones in his body and make him more slime-like than slimes.

「Come on, behave already! [Black Flames] !」

He creates a burning flame from the palm his hand.
Magic and flames are natural enemies for slimes, that have overwhelming defense against physical attacks.

…If it’s an ordinary slime that is.

「Pyu, Pyuu (Magic doesn’t work on the metal slime)! 」

The legendary metal, Orichalcum.
Possessing the ultimate hardness and immunity to all magical effects all at once!!
[Black Flame] just passes through, stroking the body’s surface.

「Such an absurd thing, there’s no such slime with such absurd magic resistance!」

「Pyuu pyuu」

Finally, I direct an [Horn Charge] at his face. A dull sound rang out as his skull was crushed.

「Well, I’ll recover anyway. It’ll just take some time.」

It’s true.
It couldn’t be stopped even when he was reduced to chunks by Nikola’s shelling.
However, it can be dealt with if I have the special ability of a slime.
I jump onto his stomach.

「Pyuri Pyu (Metal Needles) 」

In the metal slime state, I stab countless needles through his entire body. They stick in nicely.l.

Furthermore, there’s a trap at the tip of the needle.
It’s a so-called injection. I pour the liquid poison into his body.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaaa 」
It’s my best poison. His recovery speed slows down even further.

「Pui (Some more for good measure) 」

From the needle tips, I inject lot of my favourite strong acid potion.
The body melts and vigorous white smoke billows out of him.

Well, this still won’t kill him, it’ll just delay his recovery again.
Still, if you crush every bone in his body, inject him with poison and melt his body with a strong acid, he won’t be able to move for a while.
All that’s left is, just eating him while he’s incapacitated.

「This oh ooo, you shitty slime ah ah ah, kill, kill, kill, kill you」

「Pyupyuuu (All done!) 」

I’ll finish him with a method only a slime can use. I cancel the metal slime mode.
I hopped away and found his right arm that still hadn’t regained its ability to move.

It’s struggling to return to him while being drawn by a black thread.
But I won’t let this right arm I’ve acquired escape..
I first think of mushrooms, because its umami flavour is seasoned with the spirit ingredients I used. There is a slight crunch that reminds me of cucumber.
And… swallow. Well, it’s pretty bad. The meat of a foreign world’s follower leaves a strong smell.
However, it’s as I thought. If I eat you, you won’t be able to regenerate.
The man watched me finish eating his right arm and opened his eyes to despair.
Finally, he noticed that death was approaching.

「Ohhh, it’s a lie. This immortal body…」


I make sure all his bones remain crushed and grip onto the legs of the man who’s acting out a drama by himself. Rough thighs.

It’s bad for digestion, so stop talking so much. I’ll eat more and more from the outside in.

「…top it, stop it, stop it, forgive me! I will do anything, so please, please stop eating. 」

There is no way I’d be so stupid to nod my head.
These scum set up a trap for pretty girls.
As a father I can never forgive them. Rough thighs.
Maybe because the man’s skill’s level is high, it steadily gets stronger as I eat.
Also, you sure got a dubious skill there. Rough thighs.

「Our wisdom crystals, our efforts from dozens of years of research, are eaten up by a stupid monster 」

「Puhu ~ (I also have a stomach ache) 」

「Kuhit, ahahahahahahahaha」

Oh, he finally broke.
It would be weird if you don’t break after being eaten alive by a slime.
The damage was even greater when he felt the fear of death because he had thought the power of his god had made him immortal.

「Hii, Hiya, No way No, No, although I who gained the power of god is being eaten by a Slime, but, I’ve already achieved my goal. I sacrificed the blood of six people to let the power of god sink into this earth.As soon as it takes effect, the 【Gluttony】 who is sealed up will rise. Kihihihi, you and the world, eat them all! 」

Oh, I know.
I already noticed that.
You have already won this battle.
But your role in it will end here.
If you were given the power of the evil god to gain immortality, you must be an executive in the sect.
I can’t let someone like that escape. Because the destruction of the Seven Sins Sect is one of the jobs I left behind.

「Come now, fear, sorrow, I will give it all up. 」

It was done.
The last of the man disappeared into my stomach.

「Budaa~~, (I ate something bad for digestion)」

Power rises in me.
Increase in all stats, and a new skill:【Aura of the Evil God】. It’s a skill I don’t want to use much. It’s bad for my daughters’ education.



Orphe and Nicola came over.

「Are you okay, won’t you break your stomach by eating such strange stuff? 」

「…Sla, I’ve worked with the Orichalcum made by Tou-san. No matter what I tried, magic doesn’t work on it and it’s too hard, so I thought processing it was impossible. It’s possible I could learn how to handle it by examining it in its dissolved state in you.With that, I could make lots of things I’d given up on before.」

Setting Orphe aside, Nicola. Why was that the first thing you thought of?
I feel like laughing for a moment.

「Thanks to Sla-chan who knocked down the scary person, I could focus on the seal. I’m surprised, Sla-chan is really amazing!」

Yes, I am amazing.

When I jump to Orphe’s chest, she kindly hugs me as a reward. Oh, her tender softness is transmitted fully to my slime body. It’s happiness. It was worth the effort.

「Elesia-chan. Examine the seal as soon as possible」 (TN: Truthfully, i don’t know when they saving elesia, maybe anyone have a sugestion)

「I already did it, Orphe-sama. It’s no good. Please help with emergency measures. Nicola, take this letter and the necklace that’s proof of the royal family to the city right away. I’ve written the circumstances and a request for relief in the letter. Orphe and I will buy time before the seal is released. Hopefully the knights will make it in time」

Nikola, walking alone in the mountains…」

「It’s alright. There’s an Monster Repelling potion, so I can manage it by myself」

With that,Orphe and Nikola begin their respective work.

Elesia doesn’t say she can protect the seal, she says she’ll buy time.
In other words, the seal will be undone no matter what.
In a sense, the real battle starts now.

Once, when the seal was broken in Orphe’s hometown, the Protectors of Wind elf village, only Orphe managed to survive.
Evil gods are strong to that extent.
I confirm the 【Pyroxene of Evolution】stored in my stomach.
One of the forbidden inventions, with only three separate portions. It seems time has come to use this.

While watching the girls, I ready my slime body.


Race: Forbidden Slime
Level : 12
Name: Merlin Enlight
Absorption | Storage | Presence Detection | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ Horn Charge | Language Ⅰ Thousand Needles | Olfactory Enhancement | Strength Enhancement | Aura of the Evil God
Strong Acid Potion, Assorted herbs, Pyroxene of Evolution, Great Sage’s inheritance, Forest Rat materials, Pidgeotto materials, Horned Bambi materials, Denkul Rat materials, Needle Bear materials, Grudge Dog materials, Throck Chimpa materials, Wicked Priest’s effects
Strength: D | Endurance: E+ | Agility: D | Magical Power: E+ | Luck: E | Rarity: EX


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